from Mats Strandberg

Scandinavian noir meets YA in a jam-packed novel that’s part whodunit, part romance, part end-of-the-world narrative. - Publishers Weekly


When will the world end? With a massive comet hurtling toward Earth, humanity now knows the exact date.


A Kirkus Best Young Adult Book of 2020 Kirkus Reviews


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"...utterly brilliant in its humanity." Kirkus Reviews


STARRED REVIEW! "A stellar work of fiction that will cling to readers' minds and take hold of their hearts."  School Library Journal


"This intense novel will grip readers..."  -- Laura Simeon International Stories for Teens, Kirkus Reviews 


It’s the end of the world and seventeen-year-old Simon wants to spend his last weeks with the people he cares about most, especially his goal-oriented swimmer ex-girlfriend, Tilda, who dumped him shortly after the news broke. Tilda’s former best friend Lucinda was diagnosed with cancer, and  she has retreated into herself, preparing for the inevitable. Suddenly facing down a death that makes her the same as everyone else, she longs to connect again but doesn’t quite know where to start. Reaching out to her former best friend Tilda seems like a good first step. Then Tilda is found dead and accusations start circling that Simon is the killer. As the days tick down, Simon and Lucinda want to know the truth, but the more they uncover about the final days of the girl they both cared for deeply, the clearer the things that really matter become. 


Probing the question How would you spend your last days if you knew exactly when they’d run out?, The End is a taut and riveting pre-apocalyptic thriller underpinned with sharp social commentary, that blends the urgency of Neal and Jarrod Shusterman’s Dry with the dark tension of Courtney Summer’s Sadie