The End

from Mats Strandberg

A Kirkus Best Young Adult Book of 2020

GLLI Best Translated Young Adult - Honor Title 2021


When will the world end? With Foxworth, a massive comet, hurtling toward Earth, humanity now knows the exact date.


How do you want to spend your last weeks? And what else would you like to say to all of those you love? The End, is a thrilling mystery by Swedish bestselling author Mats Strandberg.


As the days tick down, Simon and Lucinda only want to know the truth about the disappearance of Tilda, Simon's ex-girlfriend, Lucinda's ex-best friend. But the more they uncover about the final days of the girl they both cared for deeply, the clearer the things that really matter become.



  • Thrillers & Suspense
  • Young Adult Fiction