Sign Of The Eight

from Benjamin Lebert

A fast-paced, captivating epic fantasy from Benjamin Lebert, one of Germany's most talented authors!


Two messengers, six allies, one fight for survival!


A gateway to a world of the past, of vanished names, hopes and dreams has opened in the depths of the Black Forest. Two messengers have come to our present from the immense sunken realms of time. 


Tristan is the messenger of doom.  Martha is the messenger of preservation. They used to be lovers, now they are sworn enemies. They have come together to fight one final, decisive battle.


But they cannot fight this fight alone. Both must win allies to fight by their side. Time is of the essence and there can only be a few - everything revolves around the eight, a mystical number that refers to infinity.


Tristan and Martha must search the Black Forest to find six comrades-in-arms to join their fight. Ultimately, five fighters for doom and three fighters for preservation will face each other. And the battle of the eight will continue until only one of them is left and the fate of humanity is sealed.

Translated by Oliver Latsch.


  • Benjamin Lebert
  • Sign of the Eight
  • Young Adult
  • Fantasy