from Agnès Mathieu-Daudé

Viking gender roles are turned on their head!

Dagfrid’s brother, Odalrik, has turned sixteen years old. For his birthday, he gets a sword and should be in training to be a great warrior, but all Dagfrid sees him doing is laying around. All the while, she not only has to do the cleaning and sewing, but has been given the “honor” of preparing the meal for the chief’s banquet. Come to find out, Odalrik is bored and would love to learn how to cook and sew so he’s not so bored all the time, but his lot in life as a male is to be a leader.  Together, they decide it’s all nonsense, so, hiding behind their house, Odalrik helps Dagfrid with the banquet and not only feels useful, but is quite good at cooking.


Illustrated by Olivier Tallec.

Translated by Nanette McGuiness.